SFC:EAW missions for SFC:OP


These are the stock recompiled EAW missions for SFC:OP. I strongly recommend using the Missions Refit versions along with OP+.


  • NEW: See Missions Refit: SFC:OP_Missions_Refit
    • All of the EAW missions rebuilt to properly use OP+, but also backwards compatible.
  • OLD: EAW_Campaigns_for_OP-20030330.exe
    • the SFC:EAW single player campaigns compiled for SFC:OP.
    • size: 3.0 MB
      • Campaign files have been modified to include SFC:OP missions not present in SFC:EAW.
      • Includes the Sulu Missions
  • Sulu_Bonus_missions_for_OP-20021124.zip
    • Sulu bonus missions, without the Sulu voice recordings.
    • size: 735KB
  • NW_EAWtoOP_Campaigns.zip
    • .MCT Campaign files for OP
    • mixes EvilDave packages and EAW for OP campaigns, for the BEST single-player experience!
    • howto_install_20030617.txt
      • instructions on how to install the single player campaigns mixed with the EvilDave missions. Updated: 20030617.