SFC-related missions, sources, patches and misc utilities


SFC-related Sources, packages, patches and utilities

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Hidden Features and Easter Eggs

About patch,,, There are 2 hidden features introduced in 25410. This is how you use them.

New Arcs

Edit the shiplist and put in these arcs where you want them.

  • FALX/FARX -> FAL/FAR + right down rear
  • LSRF/RSLF -> LS+RF / RS+LF missing arcs
  • RRP/RLP -> Rear plasma arcs good for some tugs and HDWs.
  • LR -> L+R arc. Can be found on mythical Tholian Snare weapons.

In, more arcs were added:

  • SFBL/SFBR -> L/R only

Switch to disable Engine Doubling

Disable Engine Doubling for all pirates. (Useful for Mods). Add AllowEngineDoubling=0 to the [Network] section of the sfc.ini to disable engine doubling for all pirates.

Resetting your SFC:OP Registry entry for your CD-Key

Doing the following will cause SFC:OP to re-ask for the CDKey.

  • Location: HKLM\\Software\\GameSpy\\CDKeys
    • Key: StarfleetCommand2, set to "43", Hex.

Other links on this site:

SFC Sources: APIs, Mission Scripts

Development APIs

These following files are in no way official packages. These files, zipped from my build environments on my harddrive, will not recieve support in any way. I make these files available to solve problems concerning compiling with either or both EAW and OP APIs on the same machine.

SFC1 mission sources

Entire package: SFC1_scripts.zip size: 2.0MB

SFC2 Mission Sources

Taldren Mission Sources

  • SFC2 OP:
    • OP_Scripts.zip
      • Taldren's pristine sources for the SFC:OP scripts
      • size: 4.9MB

Sources to missions ported to SFC:OP

CoopAce package and sourcecode

See: Co-op Ace for SFC:EAW and SFC:OP

Andros! package and sourcecode

Fests+ installer and sourcecode

See: Fests+ for SFC:OP

SFC:OP Models Tester

EvilDave Missions

(all files/links here updated on 20040112)

  • EAWMissions.zip
    • EvilDave missionpack for EAW (updated: 20031001 size: 11mb)
  • NW_OPMissions.exe
    • Configurable EvilDave missionpack for OP (updated: 20040810 size: 4.1mb)
  • NW_EAWtoOP_Campaigns.zip
    • Campaign (.MCT) files for BOTH EAW for OP single-player campaigns AND EvilDave missionpacks. (updated: 20030512 size: 25kb) (for OP only)
  • EDMissionSourceCode.zip
    • Sources to EvilDave mission packs (updated: 20030228 size: 2.9mb)

Other Mission packages

Misc Tools and Files

SFC Modeling tools

Other/Misc SFC files

Other Useful Downloads

Original shiplist files available for download

FireSoul's Screenshots

  • woah.JPG
    • coopace development screenshot before the 32 AI ships limit was introduced. This was taken as proof that the script was now stable.
  • OhMyESGs.png
    • .. that was back in the days I was helping MagnumMan test his 'patch of day' for SFC:EAW. The point here was proof that being able to see the ESG ranges of the enemy was visible in a multiplayer game.
  • challenge.JPG
    • Ah memories.. .. I won against a R-CON+ with a ... F-NCL+ ... ?
  • coopace-fighters1.JPG
    • at one point during coopace development, I was tring to get the AI to get free updated fighters. This is a screenshot of the success. (Please note I am running away really really fast.)
  • double-base-construction.gif
    • Want to guarantee SB construction on a D2 server? It's been a long time since I've done this trick, but maybe this will still work?
  • slot_2033.JPG
    • THIS is the slot bug. I am FireSoul.. I am NOT strafer. bleh.
  • tractored_plasma.jpg
    • I caught this one during OP testing. A plasma was fired at a tractored MIRV. The mirv itself was invisible, this was proof that the object was actually absent: the plasma kept tracking an unhittable object. (Although it looks like a plasma being tractored.)
  • winex_sfcop.png
    • So does SFC:OP. WineX is by TransGaming Technologies, my ex-employer. WineX is called Cedega, today.